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Joanna M.
10 / 2020

What adapter do I need for Ghana?


More and more tourists visit Ghana annually to experience the rich culture and learn about its history. One of the most important things to bring along is a travel adapter/power plug and converter if you plan to visit. This is so you can charge your electronic gadgets such as phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

However, one vital thing to note is that countries use different adapters. Imagine how annoying it would be to pack the wrong adapter when traveling; nobody wants that. If you are looking for the right adapter to use in Ghana, you are in the right place. In this article, we‘ll look at the types of adapters used in Ghana, the features, pros and cons, the voltage and frequency of Ghana, and many more. Let’s begin.

What is a travel adapter?

A travel adapter is an electronic device from another country used to enable an electrical connection with a foreign socket. You can use it when traveling between countries. Some examples are the Type A Plug, the Type J Plug, and the Type C Plug.

Types of Travel Adapters or Power Plugs Used in Ghana

Adapters and their accompanying sockets vary from country to country. There are mainly two types of power plugs in Ghana: the Type D Travel Adaptor/Plug and the Type G Travel Adapter/Plug. The Type G plug has three rectangular pins that jut out of its base, forming a triangular shape.

This plug type is typically used in the United Kingdom and a few African countries. Then, there’s the Type D Plug, which has three circular rods coming out of its base in a triangle pattern. It is mainly found in Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, and a handful of African countries. Thankfully, In Ghana, the power plugs and sockets are of both types D and G, making it easier to get a travel adapter when visiting.

What is the voltage and frequency in Ghana?

Knowing the voltage and frequency used in a foreign country is very important. It’s truly the only way to know which electrical appliances to bring along. If your electric device operates using different voltage levels, it can be dangerous to power it. The standard voltage rate in Ghana is 230 V, and its standard frequency is 50Hz.

So, if the average voltage in your country is in the range of 220 V – 240V, you can use it in Ghana. Countries that use this voltage range include Australia, the UK, Europe, and many parts of African and Asia. However, if your country’s standard voltage falls between 100V – 127V, you need a converter or transformer when visiting Ghana. Canada, the United States, and most South American countries use this voltage range.

In the same vein, if your country's frequency isn’t 50Hz, it is not advisable to use your appliances when in Ghana. This may damage your devices in the long run.

What are Voltage Converters and Transformers used for?

Voltage Converters and Transformers are used to regulate and change a power source’s voltage. They are a necessity when traveling abroad, especially if you want to stay safely plugged in.

Even though converters and transformers have similar functions, there’s one difference. Converters are generally used with devices that operate for short amounts of time, E.g., electric toothbrushes, and electric razors. Meanwhile, a transformer is used for appliances that run for long periods. E.g., fridges and freezers.

One advantage of having a converter or transformer handy is that they typically come with a personal travel adapter, saving you money. Don’t forget that even though converters and transformers regulate voltage, they also have their maximum power rating. So, ensure that your electric appliance does not exceed it because that can be dangerous.

Single Rated and Double Voltage Rated Appliances

To know which one of your electrical devices are single or double rated, you have to check their appliance rating plate. A single rated voltage device displays a single voltage rate, like 230V or 110V, on the power supply. So, if the appliance shows 230V, then you can use it in Ghana. However, if it shows anything apart from the average voltage rate, you need to get a converter or a transformer.

Dual rated voltage devices show a voltage rate range, E.g., 110V – 240V. Based on those figures, it can also work in Ghana. One advantage of this voltage device is that it is more flexible to use in countries where the voltage rates fall between 110V – 240V. So, you may very well not need a transformer or converter when you travel.

Pros and Cons of Travel Adapters

There’s a handful of reasons why it's a good idea to use travel adapters. That includes its affordability (generally under $10), easy to use features, and lightweight design, making it easy to carry around.

On the other hand, the cons include having to pack multiple adapters when traveling abroad. There is also the fact that it can only charge one gadget at a time.

Where can one find travel adapters in Ghana?

There are three ways to get a travel adapter that can be used in Ghana. These are:

  • Online shopping - It is the most convenient way since it merely involves pushing a button on your phone or laptop. You can also make online comparisons to get the best travel adapter. Remember to order it days before your departure, so it arrives on time.
  • Airport Shops - Buying a travel adaptor or anything else at the airport should only happen in a ‘last resort’ scenario. Why? Well, airport shops can mark up to 50% on their products, making them very expensive.
  • Local electrical Shops - Electric shops are abundant in Ghana, making this a fast and straightforward option if you know where to go. You can additionally get good deals with many options to choose from. Circle and Kaneshie are viable places to get travel adapters at a bargain.

Click here for tips on how to the perfect adapters for your trip abroad.

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