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03 / 2021

Adventurous Things to Do in Ghana

Accra is one of the most popular places in the world. As the capital of the acclaimed black star of Africa, it is natural that it is the hub of most activities. The fact that Ghana practices a unitary system of governance makes it a matter of necessity to live in it. This is most pertinent especially when you need to frequent regulatory institutions. 

Irrespective of this, Ghana has more to it than Accra.  There are so many beautiful places and sites to see beyond The Greater Accra Region. Vintage facilities. Natural wonders. Historical locations. Everything. This article lists ten of these places for you.

Mole Natural Park:

This is Ghana’s largest game reserve and one of the most diverse in the world. Located in the Savannah region, it is home to ninety-three mammals, thirty-three reptiles, and three hundred and forty-four birds. In a lush area of 4577 km2 of seven hundred and forty-two vascular plants, you are sure to come in contact with hippos, elephants, crocodiles, and lions. 

 Founded in 1958, it is currently on UNESCO’s tentative lists of world heritage sites. This game reserve offers Safari activities and has a hotel you can lodge in. It is also close to other notable places. We will leave that as a surprise for you.

Larabanga Mosque:

Popularly called the Mecca of West Africa, this is a Sudanese-styled mosque located in the Savannah region.  Built in 1421, it is listed by the World Monuments Fund as one of the 100 most endangered sites.

Aside from the fascination of visiting such a delicate gift of humanity, the mosque contains some notable relics most renowned one is a Quran which locals say came as a gift from heaven in 1650. The indigenous nature of its people teleports you back in time to have a succinct experience.  

Mount Afadjato:

Known as the highest mountain in Ghana, this summit of this mountain sits in the quiet village of Liati Wote in the Volta region. This village is just 178 kilometers from Togo. This place is a perfect hiking location. You will be certain to meet other hikers and mountain climbers in the town or on their way up. The fact that this place is close to other tourist locations like the Tagbo Falls and Wli Falls (The highest in West Africa) is an added incentive.

Fun fact: The name of the mountain is actually Afadja. “To” is the Ewe word for mountain. With time people started adding Mountain to Afadjato and that has stuck to this day.

Elmina Castle:

This is the only designated world heritage site in Ghana. It is one which is an emotional symbol not just for the people of Ghana but the entire African race. Perched in the serene ancient town of Elmina, this centuries-old edifice has history etched in each brick.

History aside, its majestic location on a beach makes the area a prime place to give yourself a befitting vacation. It is thus no surprise that there are luxurious hotel facilities in this area. The blend of history, ambiance, and serenity makes this a must-see for everyone.

Boti Falls:

Boti waterfalls is a remarkable twin waterfall located at Boti in Manya Krobo in the Eastern region. Indigenes term these twin waterfalls male and female. The larger one is termed as male and the smaller one female. 

Taking a trip to see these remarkable wonders is like a ticket to fantasy land. This is because it usually comes as a trio package. You get to see the Umbrella rock and the three-headed (branched) palm tree as well.

Kakum National Park:

This wonderland is blessed with two hundred and sixty-six species of birds, five hundred species of butterfly, and seven primate species. It also houses the densest population of elephants in the country. All of these fauna and flora sprawled across 360km2 in the Central Region. 

The most famous attraction of this park is its 333m long canopy walkway that stretches over seven bridges and treetops at a height of 100ft. This offers spectacular scenery of the entire groove.

Kintampo Waterfalls:

This is a beautiful multiple cascading waterfalls located in the Bono East region. It is gorgeously sheathed by the flora as it seats at the heart of the forest. The cascades which the waterfalls through are about 82ft in height and the splendor is indeed breathtaking. The town of Kintampo is famous on its own having the bragging right of being the center of Ghana. A visit to the Kintampo waterfall is therefore akin to the proverbial killing of two birds with one stone. It also has a lovely canopy walkway to make your experience even better.

The Manhyia Palace:

This is the legendary home of one of the most popular rulers in history- The Asantehene. This edifice located in Kumasi in the Ashanti region also doubles as the official seat of this great ruler. This palace built in 1995 is actually the third in Ashanti history with the older one built by the British in 1925(to replace the one they destroyed) now a museum. 

At the new place, you can attend one of the many colorful festivals when in season. The main attraction is the palace museum (The second palace remember?). These houses artifacts of past rulers, revered heroes, and the kingdom. 

Aburi Botanical Gardens:

Ghana has quite an array of botanical gardens but this one stands heads and shoulders above the rest. Located in a region that has a divine view and climate, this place is sat in the town Aburi- which is a famous microcosm of the entire region.

This 64.8 hectares behemoth of land was founded two centuries ago in the year 1890. With hundreds of pristine flora and fauna, this place gives a celestial aura like no other. It is an awesome place for hiking and finding the needed inspiration in the embrace of nature. 

Lake Volta:

Famed as the largest artificial reservoir in the world, this expanse of water is located at Akosombo in the Volta region. This lake is housed just behind the famous Akosombo dam and is a hub of thriving activities. You will see fishermen in canoes foraging for fishes and other aqua life. Tourists in speed boats moving around- most often to the nearby Dodi Island. You must have seen pictures of the lake and its surroundings and be awed by them. Trust us though, that is nothing compared to the experience of seeing it in reality in all its glory.

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