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The most high quality organic ingredients you will find in any cosmetic bottle.

JoStylin is an all organic cosmetics brand founded by Jostylin, a Youtube hair enthusiast. Having been natural for 10 years now, I can confidently say that growing Afro hair requires patience and lots of heart-centered care. I feel that efficient techniques accompanied with the right natural ingredients are what our hair loves the most. 99% of the ingredients used in our products are 99% naturally derived, with the remaining 1% being made up of gentle yet effective preservatives such as Cetearyl Alcohol.

Our products are grown, mixed and packaged on the African continent, with ingredients coming as far as Tanzania, Uganda and Ghana. I wanted to combine my knowledge gained from my Hons Degree in International Development Studies with my love for hair. The African continent has been blessed with endless natural beauty, but natural resources are pillaged and exported in return for goods, created using the very same natural ingredients that were exported. We are doing our part in that respect.

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In addition to selling pre-mixed products, we aim to teach and innovate our clients about the benefits of creating their own home-made lotions, by selling all available raw ingredients used to produce each product. We know not everybody can afford to buy organic cosmetics but as a social enterprise our aim is to see all individuals uplifted - yes that also includes the clients, because there are no secrets when it comes to giving. The raw ingredients shop will be launch in September 2018.

JO Living... Coming soon!

Made In Africa Fashion, Art, Home & Living

Back in 2007 when we first visited Ghana, we were blown away by the country's natural beauty, the organic foods on sale, the exceptionally friendly faces accompanied with heart-warming smiles. Following our visit, we launched an online clothing brand by the name of Afro-fashionista which was our humble beginnings to business and entrepreneurship. With the profits gained we secured a piece of land in Ghana's Northern region of Kumasi, with the hope to build an orphanage & school. As of 2014, we decided to re-brand the store which will go alongside the cosmetics line by the name of Jo-Living, with a re-launch date aimed for July 2017. The store will host a range of designer 'Made in Africa' crafts and artisan goods, with the aim of showcasing high-quality African workmanship. We are on a mission to do bigger things - just watch this space

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