JoStylin’s Anti Dandruff Natural Hair Elixir / Oil – 150ml



Product Description

Organic Anti Dandruff Elixir / Oil for natural Afro & curly hair

With its essential oils and plant extracts, this refreshing anti dandruff  elixir/ eoil, specially formulated to combat dandruff, also aids with hair growth process by stimulating blood flow to the scalp. Main ingredients include Tanzanian Green Cardamom, Liquorice Root &  South African Star Anise.

How to use:

Apply directly on the scalp, use fingertips to gently stimulate the scalp and distribute oil. For best results use 3-4 times a week. Expect to see results within 2 weeks of continuous use. Use the anti dandruff oil after shampooing with JoStylin SLS free Shampoo to get amazing results.

Ingredients: Illicium Verum (Star Anise), Elettaria Cardamomum Seeds(Green Cardamom), Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Liquorice Root), Azadirachta Indica Oil(Neem)*, Vitis Vinifera Oil(Grapeseed)*, Persea Americana Oil(Avocado)*, Olea Europaea Oil (Olive)*, Eucalyptus globulus oil*, Melaleuca alternifolia oil (Tea Tree oil)*, Mentha piperita(Peppermint)*, (* Indicates Organically Grown Ingredients)

How to Get Rid Of Dandruff On Afro hair

Getting rid of dandruff on Afro hair can sometimes be time consuming, however with the right products, ingredients and methods, it can be combated with ease. Dandruff is caused when oil from the scalp causes the skin cells to clump together and appear as white flakes. Dandruff can be caused by a number of things, including dry skin; sensitivity to hair products; and skin conditions such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, or eczema. The overgrowth of yeast can also cause dandruff.

To combat dandruff, we recommend avoiding SLS shampoos and products. Use the anti dandruff oil after shampooing with JoStylin SLS free Shampoo to get amazing results.

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