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Organic Herbal Probiotic Soup

Size: 500gr



Jostylin Cosmetics supports traditional & organic African farming with fairly traded spices and natural ingredients.

Made in Ghana

What is Organic Herbal Probiotic Soup...

Made during summer with organic filtered and dried Kefir and yogurt and mixed with sun dried tomatoes, red peppers, onions and garlic. Fermented dried soup blend.

How to use

Dissolve probiotic powder in cold water and boil for 10 minutes. Melt butter, add mint and red pepper and stir a few times and sprinkle over the soup.


Filtered and dried Kefir and dried organic yogurt sun dried vegetables and fermented for 3 weeks

made in africa
dairy free
gluten free
stevia free
nothing artificial
soy free

Natural: Our natural and organic products are formulated with only the healthy stuff we need and none of the harmful stuff that we don't need. No nasty additives have been added and our ingredients.

Ethical: All our ingredient are sourced from trusted farmers all around the world, with 85% of the ingredients coming out of Africa.

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