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Agri Africa - Our Mission

We are all in this together

The JoStylin Cosmetics brand is not just about hair, it is much bigger than this. It is an opportunity to create an all natural 'Made in Africa' organic hair care product, that helps resolve both the frustrations many African women have with growing their natural hair and the economic hardships the African continent faces with the importation cosmetic products, that can easily be grown, mixed and packaged on the continent.

Rather than simply exporting raw ingredients, we believe that the formation of a product with those ingredients is far more beneficial to a country's economy, hence why we are based in Ghana. Creating jobs through every step of a product's life cycle is the key impact to economic strength. We hope to empower both the farmer and the average citizen with our sustainable development plan.

Our support to African agriculture and farming is unconditional - by helping farmers stay up to date with arable technology and agronomy led solutions, they will improve yields and reach a wider client base. Over 70% of the ingredients used in our products are grown on the African continent and our mission is to make that 100% by the end of 2019.

A Product Must Always Have A Value Beyond It's Price

We don't just talk about social responsibility. We breathe it through every step of our product formation- supporting a continent of exceptionally skilled farmers in a land blessed with endless natural beauty. And we don't just stop at fair trade. We are crazy about sustainability - creating jobs at every stage - from farming, manufacturing, packaging, administering & shipping - till the product reaches the customer. That is the African economic dream
Jo Living..Coming Soon
Made In Africa Fashion, Art, Home & Living
Back in 2007 when we first visited Ghana, we were blown away by the country's natural beauty, the organic foods on sale, the exceptionally friendly faces accompanied with heart-warming smiles. Following our visit, we launched an online clothing brand by the name of Afro-fashionista which was our humble beginnings to business and entrepreneurship. With the profits gained we secured a piece of land in Ghana's Northern region of Kumasi, with the hope to build an orphanage & school. As of 2014, we decided to re-brand the store which will go alongside the cosmetics line by the name of Jo-Living, with a re-launch date aimed for July 2017. The store will host a range of designer 'Made in Africa' crafts and artisan goods, with the aim of showcasing high-quality African workmanship. We are on a mission to do bigger things - just watch this space

There are no secrets when it comes to giving

What we consider to be a social enterprise is one created by the people and gives back to the people, of which every single person involved in building it, has an equal opportunity to living a blessed quality of life regardless of whether you are the farmer, the factory worker, the clerical worker, the CEO and of course the customer. We are all in this together.