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International Women’s Day – Women Farmers Need Recognition

As we celebrate women’s day, let’s remember all the fearless and resilient female farmers across the world.

BUSINESS - Jun 18 2018 - JOSTYLIN®
Africa, farming is a vital source of food
In Africa, farming is a vital source of food and income and as the World Bank recently reported, food production in sub-Saharan Africa needs to increase by 60% over the next 15 years to feed its growing population.
Women across the continent are taking matters into their own hands, and kickstarting an enthusiasm for agribusiness among young people.

Farming and food have helped them break down gender barriers and reap the fruits of success. One company taking great strides in revolutionising the African farming sector is Mfarm, which works as a virtual forum for farmers to connect with each other and get advice from industry experts. Visit their website
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