1) Causes & How to Stop Breakage in Natural Black Hair – Inadequate Nutrition

how to stop breakage on natural hair 4c

One of the main causes of hair breaking regularly is the lack of certain nutrients or vitamins in the diet that is followed daily. A deficiency of vitamins B, E and iron can cause the hair to break.
Nutritional deficiencies or inadequate and unhealthy food, is one of the things that weakens the hair. Therefore, it is essential that you review your diet and, above all, include the consumption of foods rich in vitamin A, B, C, E, and minerals such as iron and zinc, which are what help strengthen hair fibers and look A much more dense and beautiful mane.

The sources of vitamin B are meat, chicken, milk, banana and broccoli. Foods rich in vitamin E are nuts, salmon and spinach. Little iron in your diet can also cause the hair to break. Iron can be found in clams, organ meats, soybeans, pumpkin seeds and cereals fortified with iron. Scroll to the bottom to read more about nutritional deficiencies and how they affect hair growth.

If you know you are not getting adequate vitamins through the food you eat, then opt for a liquid daily multivitamin. Liquid vitamins are easily digested and absorbed in the body. For more about vitamins, please read my article on the best vitamins to grow natural hair.

NOTE: Many women experience breakage and thinning of hair due to very low iron levels. LADIESSSSS…please visit the GP if you find that your hair is thinning out rapidly. Very low iron levels can be dangerous.

how to stop breakage on natural 4c hair 12) Causes & How to Stop Breakage in Natural Hair – Dehydration

In addition to food, dehydration is another major factor that weakens the hair follicle, so you should not overlook the importance of keeping your body perfectly hydrated by ingesting 2 litres of water daily.

3) Causes & How to Stop Breakage in Natural Hair – Inefficient Natural Hair Growth Regimen 

There are small gestures in the daily care of the hair that can also cause breakage and damage it even if you are not aware of it.  These bad hair care practices can also prevent your hair growing past a certain length. Here are some of them: