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Fenugreek Powder For Natural Hair Growth | Type 4C Hair

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There are many amazing Ayurvedic powders to help grow natural hair. Whether it be rosemary, chebe powder, fenugreek powder, many have been proven to have a protective effect on the hair. In this article, I will be providing information on using Fenugreek powder for natural hair growth.

Fenugreek in various forms is known in many countries and cultures as an effective way to maintain beautiful, well-groomed hair. Hair loss, dandruff or severe graying can also be successfully treated.

Fenugreek can have a positive effect on hair growth and thus help to stop hair loss. This can be attributed to the valuable ingredients and nutrient combinations in fenugreek. Learn more about Fenugreek as a support in the treatment of hair loss.

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Fenugreek Powder Has Important Ingredients for Natural Hair Growth

The seeds of fenugreek contain carbohydrates as well as proteins and high-quality bitter substances. Presumably, the proteins contained in the plant strengthen hair growth.

In addition to the high vitamin C content, the seeds also contain numerous beneficial ingredients for hair growth. These include various enzymes, essential amino acids (eg a lot of lysine), vitamin E, iron, beta-carotene, copper, saponins, flavonoids, trigonelline and choline, from which our body can produce lecithin if needed. This vitamin and mineral concentration strengthens the hair root and promotes healthy hair growth and a healthy hair structure.

The valuable protein composition contained in a fenugreek seed along with the high copper content and saponins promote the development of red blood cells, allowing the body to optimally utilize iron. This is because the cells of the hair root are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients, which is the basic requirement for healthy hair, ongoing cell renewal.

Nutrients & Vitamins In Fenugreek

  • Protein: High amounts amplify the herb’s curative properties for baldness
  • Vitamin C: Helps boost immunity
  • Iron: Good for blood vessels
  • Potassium: Ensures no premature grey hairs
  • Nicotinic Acid: Promotes hair growth
  • Lecithin: Nourishes and strengthens hair follicles; Treats sensitive scalp conditions.

Afro Hair Loss Treatment: Using Fenugreek Powder for Hair Loss

The causes of hair loss are often not exactly determined: Of course, genetics play an important role, but also the natural ageing process and hormonal changes in the course of life cause hair loss and in men and women. The external living conditions are also noticeable: Unhealthy diet, certain diseases, disorders of thyroid function, a weakening immune system or stress can lead to temporary hair loss. Hair loss is also notorious as a side effect of chemo.

A distinction is made between diffuse hair loss, extensive hair loss – which affects mostly men – and circular hair loss. Using a hair root analysis in the dermatologist can identify the causes and take appropriate countermeasures. But you should not wait so long, so that not too many hair roots die off.

Hormones help against some types of hair loss, against other medications. Hair loss medications and hormones cause immense damage, as they “play” with human hormones and bring them completely out of balance. Drugs should be the last resort when your own health is reasonably important.

How Fenugreek Helps Treat Hair Loss

Many herbs can help with the treatment of hair loss, however, both Rosemary and Fenugreek has been scientifically proven to successfully prevent and treat hair loss. Fenugreek is a natural remedy for hair loss and has been used as such for millennia. Of course, the pharmaceutical industry is not interested in revealing this possibility to patients.

One scientific study involved 30 men and 30 women aged between 30 and 67 years, divided into two mixed groups. One group received placebo, the other two capsules of fenugreek daily. The study lasted 6 months and the results were clear for the group that received the fenugreek capsules:

A comparative analysis (image analysis) showed that the hair has become significantly thicker after the test period. Furthermore, 82.9% of the test subjects stated that hair density and hair thickness had improved significantly. It was also reported that already very weak hair, which was barely visible, grew much thicker and stronger.

In addition to these ingredients, fenugreek has other positive properties to positively support the treatment for hair loss. These include the hormone-like diosgenin, trigonellin and the vitamin Niacin. Diosgenin and trigonelline exert a harmonizing influence on our body’s hormones, which can strengthen and vitalize the hair for healthy hair growth. Diosgenin is particularly effective in menopausal women, as they often suffer from hormone changes, which in turn lead to hair lossbeing able to lead. Niacin or vitamin B3 is responsible for many metabolic processes in our body. It is essential for good heart function and important for the nervous system. Likewise, Niacin ensures the regeneration of the skin and regulates its formation of moisture.

Fenugreek Deep Conditioner Hair Recipes

Cassia and Fenugreek Hair Loss Treatment:

To optimize the effect, fenugreek powder can be mixed with the Cassia tea water and some olive oil to form a thick paste which then remains on the scalp for about half an hour before being washed out. As a welcome side effect or as an occasional treatment, this fenugreek treatment provides shiny hair with less tendency to split ends.

Black Tea and Fenugreek Treatment for Oily Scalp:

Since this black tea has tannic acid, the particular acid is really wonderful to control further secretion of oil from the scalp. You need to prepare black tea and combine it with pasted fenugreek seeds. You need to wash your scalp with this solution to get the best result.

For more homemade remedies, have a read through the articles called homemade leave in conditioner for natural hair and deep conditioner for natural hair growth to help prevent breakage and keep your hair in healthy conditioner.

More Ways to Use Fenugreek Seeds for Natural Hair Growth

You can also drink two cups of tea per day, because internally fenugreek has a phenomenal effect. The infusion can also be used as a rinse after washing the hair. Some ancient recipes recommend that powdered fenugreek seeds, mixed with coconut oil, be massaged as a paste in hair and scalp.

Too dry scalp, dandruff and even seborrheic dermatitis, an unpleasant inflammation especially of the hairy areas of the skin, can be treated with fenugreek in the described way with good results.

More Ayurvedic Herbs & Powders for Natural Hair

You can read more about using ayurvedic herbs and powders for natural hair in the article titled: Ayurvedic herbs for natural hair.

Mixing Oils With Fenugreek: Some Good Oils for Natural Hair Growth

When preparing a fenugreek treatment for your hair, opt for using oils such as rosemary, hemp oil and castor oil and sweet almond oil. There are many oils that work well on natural African hair. These oils include both essential oils and base oils

For more information on how to grow natural hair please read the article: How to Grow Long Natural Hair.

More Ways to Prevent Hair Loss When Using Fenugreek Powder

The major contributing factors to hair loss is not only a matter of styling. Hair that is constantly treated with chemicals, heated with curling irons or pulled tight, or even violent combing out immediately after washing lead to the breaking and hair loss. Also from “inside” can be done a lot:

Quit smoking

Nicotine is high on the list of culprits that literally cost “skin and hair”. Smokers not only age faster, which is easy to read on their skin. Because the various poisons and pollutants from the tobacco constrict blood vessels, the hair follicles are poorly supplied with vital substances and oxygen. The DNA of hair-forming cells is probably also damaged by heavy smoking. It is also possible that inflammations in the scalp area of smokers are becoming increasingly common: other good reasons for leaving the cigarette instead of hair.

Healthy eating

A healthy, balanced diet provides the body with vitamins and nutrients. In particular, vitamins B, C and E, zinc, iron and selenium keep hair and scalp healthy. Hyperacidity is avoided if enough fiber, fruit, fresh salads or vegetables are on the menu. Skin, hair, figure, general condition and immune system benefit.


Regular physical exercise not only keeps you in shape but also ensures good blood circulation. Sweat is great for hair growth and sporting people are also rewarded with smooth, clean skin and healthy hair growth: The mentioned circulation of all skin parts supplies the hair-forming follicles with more oxygen and nutrients.

Read more about preventing hair loss in the article titled: Afro hair loss treatment.

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