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Creative Hairstyles For Long Natural Hair

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One of the most enabling parts of long natural hair is its versatility. Braids, twist-outs, and updos are among some of the most beautiful ways you can experiment with your long strands. Besides having fun with styles and even different colors, one can wear natural hair in various patterns regardless of length. Whether you have short hair, medium hair, or long hair, you can draw inspiration from a selection of the best natural hairstylists around.

If you’re in the mood to create some art with your long natural hair, you can choose the option of a more intricate look or go for an easy and quick ‘do. There is also a great range of protective hairstyles, including box braids and cornrows. No matter what you think of going for, we’ve covered you with some great creative hairstyles.

Some of these ideas can be done at home, while others will require a trip to the salon or some lessons from YouTube, but any of these gorgeous ideas below can become your new everyday look.

Defined Curls

Allow your natural hair texture to radiate like the beautiful natural hair babe you are. For ultra-defined ringlets, try using a gel or an activator for curly hair right after you get out of the shower. Dampen your hair to achieve maximum effect.


Pearls don’t only belong on your neckline! You can apply adhesive pearls on a sleek ponytail—this is a great idea for a special event.

Red Tease

With long natural hair, you can go for two things, uniqueness and voluminous hair. Red tease is a perfect fit for these two things. This style is achieved by coloring the hair violet red and teasing the curl.

Silk Press

Are you thinking of doing away with the relaxer but wearing sleek straight hair? Then a silk press is the perfect replacement as this heat styling technique works for all natural hair patterns. You can wear it bone straight or any other style. An advantage of the silk press is that it is easy to handle and manipulate and saves time, as styling long natural hair can be time-consuming.


The pineapple is one of the quickest and easiest protective styles. It is often used to protect your curls while you sleep, but it can also be worn as a style. Gather all your curls on top of your head and tie your hair loosely, using a wrap or hair tie. For those with shorter hair, you can achieve this look by dividing your hair into two or more sections before pineappling.

Full Fro

If you’re 1970s-obsessed or just interested in experimenting with the shape of an afro, then you can learn a thing or two from the icons like Diana Ross. A perfectly shaped afro is achieved by combing out the curl and picking the hair at the root.

Gray Moment

You can never go wrong with color. Adding color is always a go-to option to bring out the life in your natural hair styling. Being a grayhead can be very exciting. With this textured low ponytail, you can embrace your gray strands and curly locks.

Head Wrap

Headwraps have been an essential part of natural hair care for centuries. Adding patterned headscarves to your hair accessories is highly recommended. The significance of headscarves holds a lot of weight in the United States. According to National Park Service, in Louisiana, many Creole women used the tignon cloths to create elaborate headscarves and wraps.

Headscarves may be worn with or without styling your natural hair. All you need is how to style the scarf.

  Flat Twists

This classic style has been in vogue for a very long time, and it does not look like it will disappear anytime soon. Twists are a versatile option that people love because they can be created and styled in so many ways. You have to grab two sections of hair, then wrap them together to create a singular braid. Again, you decide how many twists you want to show off.

It is recommended to refresh the style using a mousse-like African Pride Moisture Miracle Rose Water & Argan Oil Curl Mousse that can reduce frizz and dullness. Once you apply it on the twists, wrap a silk scarf around your hair until it dries. The second you remove the scarf, it’ll look sparkling new again.

Side-Pinned Coils

This style gives a chic and sophisticated look; bonus, it’s easy to achieve. Let your natural texture shine through, styling in a deep side part, then pin back one side with bobby pins.

Sleek Bun

A slicked-back bun is one of the most popular natural hairstyles and is easy to achieve regardless of your skills with hair styling. You can wear it with gel or without gel, based on preference.

Long Pigtail Braids

The long pigtail braid has been around for quite a long time. You can achieve this look with your natural hair, with or without extensions. Undoubtedly long pigtail braids with enhancements are the peak of cool. Part your hair straight down the middle to keep them sleek.


Do you want to channel your inner black girl energy and work your statement-making poof? The bonus points are if you achieve an equally stylish style in the back. Employ a handheld mirror for help in seeing the details behind your head.

Flipped-Out Ends

Try straightening your natural hair and pulling it back into a half-updo with this style. To add a bit of volume, flip out the ends.


Cornrows are popular, especially in African households. It can be identified as one of the oldest styles in the black community. Cornrows are versatile protective hairstyles worn on all hair types and lengths in various styles. Cornrows are a style of hair braiding in which the hair is braided flat to the scalp in vertically sectioned rows.

You can add hair extensions if you want to have fun with them. Braids will always be a constant in the protective hairstyle world. Just look at cornrows for proof. So, cornrows can be anything you want, whether you want a laidback look or are interested in channeling your inner Zendaya with waist-length braids. Consider cleansers to protect your strands and scalp for the next few weeks.

Side Braided Ponytail

This style comprises a voluminous mohawk, a braided ponytail, and cornrows on the side. This hairstyle is a definite head-turner whether you’re hitting the stage or heading to the grocery store.

Layered Haircut For Long Curls

Naturalistas with long natural hair, who strive to grow longer curls, know that length retention can be long and tedious. Besides, it’s a pity that due to the curl, kinky hair looks three times shorter than it is. At the same time, a haircut is a way to render your curls a beautiful silhouette.

Wash and Go

The secret to nailing this style is bringing your blow dryer’s diffuser attachment into the equation. Use the diffuser to dry your hair without blasting away your coils. A bonus tip is to apply a curl-boosting leave-in before drying to enhance fullness.

Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are a timeless protective style that works with every season. While box braids are great, goddess braids take it a step further. It adds a modern touch to knotless or traditional box braids. And the catch about this is that you can include wavy and curly hair throughout your braids to achieve a surreal look.

Braids with a Headband

This style is an easy hairstyle that anyone can wear in any situation. For natural hair babes who don’t have time to be dealing with their natural hair every time, this style is a good escape. If you have box braids, throw them back with a headband to keep them out of your face. Try a plain black headband, or mix it with a fun pattern.

Voluminous Hairstyle For Long Natural Hair

Combing your natural hair is extremely beautiful.  An important notice is that it’s better to comb your natural hair when it’s 80% dry to reduce the risks of hair breakage and loss.

High Half Bun Braids

Another creative look for long natural hair is a half-updo for a fun twist on a casual style. Pull your box braids into a half bun to create this look, but the end of the braids is left out for a descending face frame.

Two-Tone Ponytail Idea For Long Natural Black Hair

You can opt to tone your curls with a lovely light brown shade that compliments your skin color and eyes. It’s a way to add some spice to your trendy natural hairstyles. You don’t have to make an extremely tight pony, especially if you want to show off your cute curly texture from roots to ends.

Wave Pattern Micro Braids

Micro braids take a bit of extra time, but for long natural hair, they’re worth it. A wave pattern makes these braids look regal, unique, and chic.

. Elegant Updo

Achieve a red carpet-ready whether red carpet or not! With this lavish updo, a combination of a center twist and smooth sides. It’ll help you bring the wow factor to your next party or wedding.

. Sexy Curly Updo

If you want to accentuate your delicate face oval, and graceful neckline, lift your natural curls into a sassy updo. You can rock this style in a sort of high pony with thin wispy ends and a braided headband.

Three Strand Twist Out

This hairstyle answers every natural girl’s prayers to achieve the ultimate curl definition. The movement is a bit confusing initially, but once you get it down, you’ll be a twisting machine. Latimer is also a fan of the style, as it lasts for a few days and promotes the “replenishing of moisture in the hair,” which is especially important in curly and transitioning hair.

You can achieve this look by watching YouTube videos of your favorite hairstylists.

Box Braids

One of the best things about box braids is that they’re a great way to protect your hair from over-styling and the damage that comes with it. The other best thing is a size for every preference.

Halo Braid

There are only three easy steps to achieving this style. Detangle your hair, weave one continuous braid around your head, then secure this braid with bobby pins. Lastly, pull on the braid so that it is thicker in certain sections for a messier look. Then you are good to go.

Bantu Knot-Out

Another creative natural for long natural hair is Bantu knot-outs. These historically neat separated knots can be traced to the Zulu Kingdom in Southern Africa, which is located on the African continent. Bantu knots are a great and easy way to change your look. There’s no other way to get coils as full and bouncy as the ones you’re left with after unwrapping the knots.

They’re also ideal for women changing from relaxed to natural hair. This hairstyle is identified as a protective hairstyle as it hides the ends of the hair and prevents hair breakage and loss of moisture in the hair.

Two-Strand Twist

Two-strand twists are the best of both worlds because they’re super easy and quick. In addition, after they’re done, you can still style them differently each day! Apply a leave-in styler and conditioner hybrid before twisting to help smooth and condition.


Long natural hair may be more laborious and time-consuming, but the reward is clear: with relaxed hair, you won’t achieve these unique voluminous looks with extraordinary texture. Try new hairstyles, experiment with different color accents, and don’t be afraid to trim your kinks when needed. Lovely hair is an important part of any stylish look; you need to slay with your hair like the queen you are.

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