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05 / 2023

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

If there is anything we know the Kardasians for, it is their plastic surgeries, especially the Brazilian butt lift (BBL). BBL has been a trend for some time with female celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, SZA, and many others undergoing the procedure. Recently, the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure seems to be one of the most popular surgeries.

Most people want to feel good about their bodies, and it is not wrong to get a BBL if you want to and can afford to do so. Body positivity is great, and if a BBl can help you with that, go for it! However, it will be wiser to know what you are getting into before indulging yourself. It may save you unnecessary stress, pain, and money.

In this article, we will explore what BBL is all about.

What Is BBL?

A Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure where a surgeon transfers fat from some parts of the body, like the abdomen, hips, back, or thighs, to your buttocks to augment it in size and shape. The fat is removed from some parts of the body by a process known as liposuction. It should be noted that Brazilian butt lifts are different from buttocks implants.

With a butt implant, a silicon material is placed surgically in the buttocks area to make it bigger. This is unlike the BBL cosmetic procedure, where fat is removed from some body parts and transferred to the buttocks to increase the size. So, the former involves implants while the latter does not. A doctor who performs a BBL procedure is identified as a plastic surgeon.

A BBL can also be known as Buttock Augmentation with Fat Grafting or gluteal fat Grafting. Another thing worth noting is that a butt lift surgery should not be confused with a Brazilian butt lift. A butt lift surgery makes the buttocks tighter and removes excess skin and fat. It does not increase the butt, unlike the Brazilian butt lift.

History of Brazilian Butt Lift

The idea of the Brazilian Butt lift can be traced to Brazilian plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy. This man is widely recognized for pioneering this surgery. Of course, the technique for this procedure has had years to be innovated upon. Ivo Pitanguy used to be popular for his deeds in philanthropy, operating on the poor. But he also undertook cosmetic surgeries for the rich and famous, even the royals.

He is also significantly remembered for helping to advance facelifts, breast augmentation surgeries, and tummy tucks. In 1964, Pitanguy published an article on early buttock piece lift surgery, which spoke about removing tissue and skin to correct sagging. Since his published paper in 1964, other academic papers have built upon the idea of butt augmentation.

An interesting observation is how this butt augmentation surgery is linked to Brazil. The reason is that being the pioneer he was, Ivo Pitanguy set up a training center in Brazil to share his knowledge on plastic surgery on how to perform this procedure. This is how his students have spread throughout the world with this knowledge in BBL.

And now, BBL is a common trend. Most BBL clinics also proudly advertise their services on social media for the pursuit of those interested. In the U.S., you can have a BBL procedure for an average cost of about $5,000.00. And in the U.K., prices may range from around £2000 to £7000.

What To Know Before Undergoing A Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

1.    Age

You should be at least 18 years and above before you can get this procedure done. Not only does it make things legally certain, but there may also be concerns if your body is not done with undergoing puberty. Certain complications may arise if your body is not done undergoing puberty. But the catch here is that our bodies are unique, and someone's body may not be complete from the changes that come with puberty.

This is why you ought to discuss this information with your medical practitioner so that you do not suffer any negative long-term effects.

2.    Self-Esteem Issues

You may wonder what self-esteem issues may be doing here, but it is important to know what is pushing your desire for a BBL. Some people get a BBL, their self-esteem soars, and they can rock it anywhere they go. But others undergo the procedure, further deepening their insecurities about their bodies.

How you perceive yourself, including your body and how people see you is a mental exercise. And no cosmetic procedure can address that issue for you. So before you undergo this cosmetic procedure, visit a psychiatrist for a psych evaluation. This helps you to know whether your decision to undergo this cosmetic procedure is rooted in the right reason.

It would be sad if you went through the procedure and still did not feel beautiful and confident as you should. Unfortunately, a psych evaluation is not compulsory when going for a BBL. You may not even be advised to take it by your plastic surgeon. But do yourself that favor. It may come in handy.

3.    It Can Be Painful

Most people who have undergone the BBL treatments have one thing they all agree on. It can be painful. Undergoing surgery is one of the easy aspects, as anyone undergoing this procedure has to be anesthetized during the surgery. The pain comes after surgery, and one has to recover. Painful areas include body parts from which liposuction occurred and the butt too.

After surgery, one has to refrain from sitting on their bottom for some weeks to enable healing. Sitting on your bottom can interfere with the healing process and produce dire consequences.

4.    Research the Cosmetic Clinic

The saying, "Beauty is pain," takes on a different twist with Brazilian butt lifts. This is so because there have been reported deaths associated with this cosmetic surgery. A lot of women want to have the perfect "peachy" bottom so much that they want to go to the nearest cheapest available BBL clinic they can attend to have the procedure.

But sometimes, cheap can be expensive. And you can pay for it with your life. This is because some cheap clinics offering BBL surgeries disregard safety regulations and offer poor medical services to these women. Do not be desperate for the perfect body that you forget should be done right. In other instances, even though death may not occur, some women are left deformed for life.

Some people have been left with lopsided bottoms, weird-looking belly buttons, and thin thighs supporting huge backsides making the body figure look unnatural. So, if you decide to do a BBL, research the clinic. One visit to the Instagram page of the surgical clinic is not enough. Ask for reviews. Talk to former clients of clients so that you understand and know to who you are entrusting your body.

5.    Weight

Your weight matters when it comes to having a BBL. If you happen to be obese or too skinny, you cannot undergo the procedure. Your doctor may have to find other alternatives for you to get the desired body you are looking for.

Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

1.    It Addresses Genetic Defects

Not everyone is born with a peach-sized bum; to some ladies, that can be an insecurity issue. So, BBL corrects this genetic defect, boosting the confidence of some ladies, yet providing a natural outlook. Also, it makes it easy to wear clothes comfortably and showcases feminine curvature. Again, it aids in cosmetic issues such as sagging of the bottom.

2.    Lesser Risk Of Infections.

Compared to silicon implants, a Brazilian butt lift presents a greater chance of lesser risk of infections. While Brazilian comes with its demerits, having chemicals such as silicon injected into your body tends to be more dangerous. Just as there are professionals in this field, there are also quacks. The idea of a quack doctor injecting silicone into one's body can come at a very dear cost.

3.    Self-esteem Booster

Sometimes, take a stroll through Instagram, and you will happily see most ladies who have undergone BBL post their picture-perfect bodies online. It takes a lot of self-esteem to do that. And to many ladies, a Brazilian butt lift made that possible. There is a lot of body positivity because when these ladies look at themselves in the mirror, they love what they see about themselves.

Disadvantages of Brazilian Butt Lift

Since Brazilian butt lift does not have many risks compared to other plastic surgeries, it has some disadvantages. Some of these side effects seriously affect the Brazilian butt lift patient. Some of these disadvantages include:

1.    Death

Research has proven that there are 1 in 3000 deaths per BBL session. While, on average, this may not seem like a lot of people, the fact that death is recorded makes it an advantage. Death comes into the picture during a BBL session when a fat embolism occurs. Fat embolism is when fat taken from other body areas is transferred to the buttock area.

An important heart artery is located in that region, so when fat gets into that artery, it clogs the veins. This can affect the heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, and other vital organs. The result is that death occurs. Also, it should be noted that BBL has become one of the most dangerous plastic surgery procedures.

2.    Pain

After a BBL session, there is the recovery phase, which can be slow and painful. It would be best if you rested for up to a month before you could go back to work. It would help if you refrained from sitting and lying on your back during recovery. This can be very difficult for a lot of people as sitting and lying on one's back is a habit for most people.

How can you visit the washroom during this phase if you cannot sit? But there are special BBL pillows on the market you can purchase at your doctor's recommendation to help through this period. Another source is pain may occur where the fat was sucked from to be transferred into the gluteal region. It also comes with its pains.

3.    Infections

Certain after-surgery practices need to be implemented when recovering from a BBL surgery to prevent infections. Not many people know this, so some are not prepared financially to bear the costs of after-surgery care. Most people usually focus on the surgery and prepare for that alone.

In the long run, neglecting to have post-BBL surgery care can lead to infections.

4.    Scars

BBL is supposed to present a natural outlook. Also, from most pictures on Instagram, most ladies who have had the session have no scars on their buttocks as they boldly display their new bodies. But, some sessions can leave behind scars if not careful. So, do your research about the BBL clinic you intend to have your procedure.

5.    Fat Absorption By The Body

Sometimes, the body may absorb a certain amount of fat transferred to the gluteal area. This may not give you the results you hope for. Thus, there is the option to do another procedure.

6.    Expectation v Reality

BBL has helped with the acceptance of curvy women, which was not the trend about a decade ago. It has also helped a lot with body positivity. But the issue is some people are never satisfied. They have had several BBL sessions to fit their idea of a non-existent image of the perfect body. And this is sad. It has produced grotesque and absurd bodies.

Some women have become objects of ridicule because they desperately want the perfect body. And this defeats the idea of body positivity. Such women quickly notice imperfections that normal eyes cannot see in their bodies. These people refuse to see this situation as more of a psychological problem than a physical one.

And some plastic surgeons who conduct the BBL procedures do it for the money, so they are more than willing to put patients under the knife rather than advising them to take a psych evaluation.


To end, having a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is a big decision. You should be sure of this before you take the step to do so. With the goal of body positivity in mind, if you are sure you need it, you can go for it, but do it in regulated and safe health institutions. However, if you want this procedure because it is a trend, be advised that trends change now and then. You don't need to change your body to please anyone.

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