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Best Vitamins to Grow Natural Hair Fast – 4C Hair Growth Products

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A very warm welcome back to the Jostylin blog. So today’s topic is all about food and vitamins, or to be specific – ‘What are the best black hair growth vitamins ?’ I love this topic because I get to talk about food and eating is my all time favourite thing to do.

Food is glorious, especially when we feed our bodies with the right nutrition. In addition to using natural hair growth products, you can also supplement with vitamins for faster hair growth. Taking the necessary amount of vitamins every day is very important in terms of general health and hair health. You will begin to see your hair and skin flourish. With this post I will let you guys know what vitamins I personally use (not sponsored), along with why vitamins are important for hair growth.

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How to Choose The Best Vitamins for Hair Growth

When choosing the vitamins needed for faster hair growth, think about your overall health which should be your number one priority, so that very fast and healthy natural hair growth can be successful. It is always best to get most of your vitamins from natural and organic food, rather than supplementing too much. Supplements are great to be taken for certain short periods at a time. Focus on consuming the best foods for natural hair growth and your general wellbeing.

Remember that anything you put in your mouth can give you great health, but it can also ruin your health. So don’t forget to consult your GP first. He or she will do a blood test to ensure you don’t already have too much of certain vitamins before you start any supplementation.

If you find that after taking vitamins your hair is still breaking, please read my article on how to stop breakage on natural hair.

# In this article I will cover the following topics:

  • Why vitamins are important for hair
  • Which vitamins are best for natural hair growth
  • How to find the right vitamin products for hair growth and overall health of your body
  • Which foods are rich in hair growth vitamins
  • Best vitamins for hair loss
  • Best vitamins to stop breakage on natural hair

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Why Vitamins Are Important For Fast Black Hair Growth

As many of us know, hair grows about 1 cm per month, and to be honest, it is not very satisfactory. For some lucky few people, very fast hair growth is genetic. But if your hair grows slower than normal and you sit there every month expecting that 1 cm of hair to lengthen, try and look into the foods you are consuming. No amount of best natural hair growth products hair will work on your hair. If your hair does not grow at normal speed of half an inch every month, you may be suffering from vitamin deficiency.

Each vitamin has different effects on the hair, along with the effect on certain proportions on the hair. Among these vitamins, we can count vitamins A, C and B. The idea of using vitamins can seem strange, but the truth is that vitamins really work for healthy and faster hair growth. The vitamins used to lengthen hair quickly are really useful against slow-growing hair, hair thinning and hair loss.

The most important indication of vitamin deficiency on the hair is premature whitening, thinning of the hair tresses, increased daily hair loss, loss of the ends, and loss of gloss

A lack of vitamins can lead to hair loss and excessive breakage. Without vitamins, hair dries out and drying hair will weaken hair roots and hair strands, leading to further breaks of the tips.

If you are suffering from hair loss or breakage, you can not win anything by just sitting and waiting for it to stretch again, you have visit a GP or trichologist to find out what is wrong.

What Are The Best Supplements for Natural Hair Growth & Thickness?

Eating a healthy diet full of vitamins is the best way to keep your hair and scalp looking and feeling healthy. Diet also plays a significant role in combating dull hair, so ensure your diet is getting you all the minerals and vitamins your hair needs – in particular, A, C & D, protein and omega 3.

There are vitamins that can used for rapid growth of the hair such a B Complex but it won’t make your hair grow overnight. It will however, accelerate the process of hair growth and helps. Here are a list of vitamins that can help you speed up the hair growth process and help you;

Vitamin B Complex Supplements for Hair Growth & Thickness

B vitamin complex is a vitamin group that can be used to get the best results. The vitamins found in this complex are; B1 (thiamine), B2 vitamin (riboflavin), B3 vitamin (niacin), B5 vitamin (pantothenic acid), B6 vitamine (pyridoxine), Paraminobenzoic acid, Inositol, B12 vitamin (folic acid).

This vitamin complex helps the hair grow faster and healthier. At the same time, they help to reduce hair loss and also to whiten hair. These vitamins are found in legumes, meat and eggs.

Vitamin B Complex Supplements for Thickness

B vitamin complex is a vitamin group that can be used to get the best results. The vitamins found in this complex are; B1 (thiamine), B2 vitamin (riboflavin), B3 vitamin (niacin), B5 vitamin (pantothenic acid), B6 vitamine (pyridoxine), Paraminobenzoic acid, Inositol, B12 vitamin (folic acid).

This vitamin complex helps the hair grow faster and healthier. At the same time, they help to reduce hair loss and also to whiten hair. These vitamins are found in legumes, meat and eggs.

Biotin (B-7 Vitamin) for hair thickness

Biotin is among the B complex vitamins that have been subject to many researches, especially with the effect on hair loss in men. It is also an important vitamin for the rapid growth of hair and is almost universally known. It is a little more popular because it is usually used in the production of shampoo and hair care products. This vitamin protects the color of your hair and helps to get your hair dry. This can also be found in dairy products, cheese and nuts.

This vitamin enhances elasticity in the hair cortex and contributes to the rapid extension of the hair. The first signs of Biotin deficiency are hair dermatitis, itching, dermatitis and other skin diseases. Soya bean, banana, nuts, watermelon, fish, meat and poultry are rich in biotin.

My advice when taking Biotin supplements is to take it with the other B Complex vitamins. There are different B Vitamins that help with hair growth and using only one can deplete other essential vitamins the body needs for healthy hair growth.

Too much Biotin can also cause the skin to breakout, so be very careful.

Grow your hair with Niacin (B-3 Vitamin)

Niacin, which is a water-soluble vitamin that enlarges blood vessels, helps to feed hair follicles by increasing blood circulation in the hair. While Niacin promotes hair growth, it prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the scalp, which is among the causes of hair loss. Shrimp, fish, lean red meat, milk, legumes, almonds, carrots and celery are the richest sources of niacin vitamins.

Vitamin A Supplements are great

A vitamins are a really important vitamins for prolonging hair and have the most important effect in hair, contributing to healthy growth. Vitamin A can be dissolved in fat and therefore stored in the body, is found mostly in egg yolks, spinach and potatoes. It helps bone growth and acts as a protective sheath surrounding the nerve fibers. This is an antioxidant that promotes hair growth as a prelude to a healthy head skin. When taken at very high rates, it may cause hair loss and hair thinning by showing toxic effect. This vitamin is found in vegetables, dairy products and fish foods.

Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C is a vitamin known to everyone and used against infections and scurvy. Vitamin C has proven to play an important role in the faster growth of hair. This vitamin strengthens the hair shaft and follicles, preventing hair breakage and thus helping the hair to grow faster.

Vitamin C is important for the production of collagen and for keeping tissues in the body together with organs. Weak hair is more broken. The recommended daily vitamin C for men over 18 is 90 mg, 75 mg for women, 85 mg for pregnant women and 120 mg for lactating women. It is not advisable to take more than 2000 mg of vitamin C per day. Red and green mulberry, citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes and strawberries are good ones in vitamin C deposits.

Hair loves vitamin E

Vitamin E accelerates the flow of blood to the scalp, helping to achieve faster hair growth. This vitamin is a very powerful antioxidant that can affect your blood pressure when taken at high rates. This is why it is important to consult your GP when taking extra vitamins.

How to Choose The Best Vitamins to Grow Natural Hair Fast?

As stated at the very start, when choosing the vitamins needed for faster hair growth, you first need to consider your overall health, which should be your number one priority. I personally prefer to take vitamins that are naturally derived from food, be it powders etc. I also consume herbs such as Turmeric etc. You can also get your vitamins by applying essential oils in your shampoos, deep conditioners or leave in conditioner treatments.

When I do feel the need to take vitamins, a good multivitamin brand I rely on is Viridian multivitamins.

Viridian has not sponsored me to mention their brand – I honestly really do take these vitamins, most especially when it’s that female time of the month. I have tried many vitamins and I am now in my 40s. I can honestly say that these are the BEST vitamins I have ever taken in my life. Both for health and hair care. I also create my own special liquid vitamins, which I add in my hair products – this speeds up the absorption rate of oil as well as adding all the essential nutrients the hair needs. This will be available in my hair shop very soon.

You can also opt for vitamins sold at your local whole foods store. They tend to be more expensive but good health does come with a price tag, most especially in urban cities where nature is non-existent.

Very soon I will be starting a new health care series of blogs specially catered to African women, because our general health is something we most tend to neglect, whilst focusing so much on our hair health.

Which Foods Are Rich in Vitamins to Grow Hair Fast?

You can add carrots, apricots, red peppers and pumpkins to your food to supplement the a vitamin, which is usually taken with enough daily amount of food.

  • Omega-3 and E-rich walnuts; . it is effective in the rapid extension of your hair and in the strengthening of your hair tresses.
  • Tomatoes helps to produce collagen, which is the smallest building stone of the hair.
  • Carrots are rich in vitamin B, plays a key role in the emergence of new hair and the protection of healthy hair.
  • Vitamin C is rich in kiwi, the health of your hair is important.
  • The foods that contains protein for hair health has the biggest share. For this reason, 1 poached egg a day for general health and hair must be consumed absolutely to strengthen
  • For those who have a problem with hair loss, we recommend more peas.
  • Spinach, which is high in vitamins A and C is important for the health of hair. It is very effective against diseases such as spinach, bran and fungus.
  • Broccoli, one of the most used foods for today’s health; It is indispensable for the rapid growth of the hair and for the protection of the hair health. Eat a broccoli absolutely!
  • Green tea is perfect for bright-looking hair! To solve the problem of dandruff, wash your hair with green tea.
  • Omega 3 oil-rich salmon; both your general body health and your hair health are very important foods. If you want your hair to grow quickly and healthy; Take care to eat salmon once a week.

Can I Get My Vitamins From Oils to Grow My Hair Fast?

Yes you sure can get your vitamins from oils. Oils such as Avocado oil and Olive oil are packed with vitamins. Due to its high content of healthy fatty acids and vitamins, avocado oil has become one of the best products for the care and healthy growth of hair. In fact, this ingredient is already part of many commercial products that aim to improve hair health.

Avocado contains vitamin A, B6 and vitamin E, which nourish, repair and improve capillary walls. In addition, it is rich in antioxidants that increase blood flow to the hair follicles , helping to encourage hair growth.

Other Best Oils for Natural Hair Growth

Can Vitamins Be Penetrated Faster In Scalp With A Hot Oil Treatment?

Hot oil treatments are great for deeper penetration of vitamins, as the heat breaks down oils. You may lose some of the vitamins if you heat the oils too much, so only lightly eat oils – 1 minute may be enough on a regular gas stove.

How to to make a hot oil treatment:

Warm up a spoonful of avocado oil with one of olive oil and then apply it with a gentle massage all over the hair and scalp. Wrap the hair in a towel, leave on for 20 minutes and rinse. Check out my other article on How to Make A Hot Oil Treatment for 4C Natural Hair.

Best Vitamins for Hair Loss on African Hair

If you want to know how to stop hair loss, it is very important to know the reason why you are losing so much hair. Make sure it is not a product of a health problem such as iron deficiency. Again, no amount of black hair growth products will grow your hair if you have iron deficiency. Thinning hair is a big sign of iron deficiency so please consult your doctor immediately. Your hair health can easily be restored by taking iron supplements if you are deficient.

What is clear is that most hair loss is associated with nutrient deficiencies, the same happens with hair recovery after a treatment, if you do not provide what you need, the treatment will eventually fail.Therefore, let’s start at the beginning: nutrients are fundamental for the health of our hair. Some of them can be found in the food we eat, hence the importance of proper nutrition.

Vitamin supplements can provide our body with all the necessary nutrients to strengthen and revitalize the hair follicles, helping us to fulfill our dreams of a beautiful hair, since it contains essential amino acids and B vitamins that act from the inside. To find out more about hair loss, read my article on Afro hair loss treatment.

Best Vitamins to Stop Breakage on 4C Hair

As with hair loss, hair breakage is very much linked to nutritional deficiencies. If you are experiencing breakage, my best advice is to first try out a deep conditioner for breakage. This treatment has worked very well for me in the last 2 months. Also opt for using the Jostylin natural hair products for black hair growth, which are formulated with natural oils and less harsh ingredients.

How to Use Vitamins in Your Natural Hair Growth Products – 4C African Hair?

My best advice is to use liquid B Complex vitamins. Many can be purchased online. Simply add some into your hair care products and blend.

Tips On How to Grow Natural Black Hair Fast – 4B & 4C Hair / Black African Hair / Afro Hair / Curly Hair

For more information on growing natural black hair fast, you can read my article on How to Grow Natural Hair Fast.

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