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10 Simple Tips To Keep Rodents Away From Your Place

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Do you hear squeaking or chattering sounds during the night? Can you smell a weird damp odor all around your house? If yes, these can be signs of rodent infestation. They are very sneaky and swift creatures who enter our house for food, water, and shelter.  Once you detect signs of rodent infestation in your house, you should take quick steps. These little pests breed fast and ruin your whole house. They will;

  • Contaminate your food
  • Cut the wires
  • Make holes in water pipes
  • Spread diseases
  • Chew your furniture
  • Make holes in your clothes
  • Block the chimney

Because of all these reasons, you must remove all rodents from your house as soon as possible. If they outgrow in number, getting rid of them will be more difficult. Let us tell you how you can control them.

How to keep rodents at bay?

As mentioned above, mice and rodents enter our house searching for shelter, water, and food. If you cut these sources, they will leave your house and look for another place. Here, some easy tips are mention that will keep rodents away from your house;

1. Seal all entry points

Rodents enter your house through cracks or holes on your walls, doors, and windows. They have a super-flexible body, so any small hole is enough for them. Moreover, rodents have sharp teeth, which help them to make new passages throughout your house.  That is why you need to seal all cracks, openings, and holes in your house to prevent them from entering your home. Regardless of how small the entry point is, you must fix it all. 

2. Make the water pipes secure

Rodents are great climbers. They can enter your home by climbing through the water pipes. So, make sure your pipes are secured and completely sealed. If there are some holes or joint openings, use nets.

3. Cover all food items

Food attracts all types of pests. Rodents will enter and re-enter your house as long as they are getting food. So, make sure there is no open food in your kitchen or dining area. Always throw away the garbage and keep all your dishes clean. 

Rodents usually feed on piled-up food wastage in your dustbin or unwashed dishes on the sink. By keeping these places clean, you can get rid of rodents. If you need more ideas about keeping your food safe from rodents, then Pinnacle Pest is the best bet for you. They can guide you step by step and ensure that the issue is resolved permanently. 

4. Keep all rooms clean

Rodents love dirty places. They breed and thrive in the dirt. That is why you can always find them in the darkest and dirtiest corners of your house. Some of their favorite places are under the sink, basement, storage rooms, attics, and garages.

 If you keep every room clean, they will fail to find any hiding place and make their nest. So, throw all extra boxes or piled-up papers from your house and keep everything organized.

5. Use traps

Traps are very popular for catching rodents. You need to keep them near the infested area. Once they enter the trap, they will get stuck until you release them. Thus, you can catch rodents and remove them from your house. These traps are also safe for pets and kids.

6. Use baits

Mouse baits are easily available in the market. Poison is mixed with the bait, and when rodents eat the bait, they die. With baits, you can remove a whole colony of rodents.

7. Clean the surroundings

An unclean surrounding invites rodents. Heaped-up dirt or dirty stagnant water around a house attracts rodents. You must clean the surroundings of your home and use a rodent repeller if necessary.

8. Use rodent repeller

You can make some rodent repeller at your home and spray it near the infested area. The most effective rodent repeller is peppermint oil and pepper. Rodents hate such a strong smell. 

You can also add garlic, clove, and other spices that have a strong smell. Soak cotton balls in this mixture and keep the balls near the entry points and infected areas. It will help keep mice away from your house.

9. Keep your place dry

Rodents breed in wet and humid places. So, try to make sure there is no stagnant water in the kitchen or bathroom. It will also cut their drinking source. And without any place to drink they will leave the space in no time. 

10. Get a cat

Another easy way to get rid of rodents is, getting a cat. They are the best hunters of mice and rodents. Cats will find, chase, and kill those little beasts ruining your house. 


These are a few easy ways to get rid of rodents and mice. Simply, we cannot coexist with rodents in the same house. If you feel the infestation is beyond your control, you are advised to call professional pest removers. With their advanced instruments, they will remove the whole colony of rodents and make your house rodent-proof. So, call the professionals and ensure healthy living.  

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