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Top Eight Private Medical Hospitals In Accra Ghana

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The health sector in Ghana has consistently grown in leaps and bounds since independence. This is in no small part due to the contribution from private medical facilities. The government hospitals are usually packed with cases.  The situation is even more intense at multi-specialty teaching ones like Korle-Bu Teaching hospital. Thankfully, the proliferation of high-quality private medical hospitals has aptly augmented their public counterparts. 

    Some of these medical facilities provide holistic world-class services adhering to the highest international standards of quality and ethics. Albeit naturally more expensive, these hospitals attend to a subset of the population thus taking the weight off the government facilities.  This allows such public medical institutions to attend to those who need such services more. Eight of such hospitals in Accra are listed in this article. We have listed them in no particular order. We have also made sure all of them are available on google maps and have an active website, social media page, or both. This is to make movement, appointments, and communication easier for you; especially in times of emergency 

Lister Hospital and Fertility Centre:

Located at the prestigious Airport Hills Boulevard, this hospital has over the past two decades being unfairly viewed as elitist. In recent times they have done everything to break that perception and have done a good job at that. They frequently carry out specialist screening for non-communicable diseases such as breast cancer. The hospital is a 25-bed facility and carries out a plethora of specialist clinics. The key ones are oncology, hepatology, and endocrinology. They have also in recent years added a top-notch fertility center. Their website is currently being renovated but they have an active Facebook page. You can get all the requisite information there. 

Rabito Clinic Osu:

Forty-seven years ago, the internationally renowned Prof. Edmund Delle set up the first Rabito clinic. Within those years, seventeen other branches have been established countrywide. Our emphasis is on the headquarter which is situated at Osu just behind the Koala shopping center.
  This medical facility has carved an extensive reputation as the premium dermatological facility in the sub-region. That clout has shadowed the fact they also offer excellent services in General medicine, Neurology, and Gynecology. They have an active detailed website and a dominant presence on social media.

The Trust Specialist Hospital Osu:

The Trust hospital was originally established in 1992 as a medical facility to cater to the needs of SSNIT staff and their dependents. Due to their efficiency and quality, they became a trusted place for the populace. It is thus no surprise that within twenty-nine years, it has morphed into a conglomerate of six clinics and three hospitals. All under the umbrella of a parent company- The Trust Hospital Company Limited. This article is on the largest of its facilities. The Trust Specialist Hospital. ENT, Physiotherapy, and Dentistry are common specialist services carried out there. They have an active website and Facebook page for you to peruse for needed information. 

Nyaho Medical Centre; Airport Residential Area:

In fifty-one years, this hospital has rapidly and steadily climbed up the ladders to establish itself as the number one private medical facility in the country. It is established in a serene top-class location but is easily reachable.
  They offer a multi-array of specialists care. Such services include but are not limited to Urology, Plastic Surgery, Enterology, Haematology and Cardiology. They have a comprehensive website which is actively updated with vital information. They also have a strong presence on the three most common social media platforms.

Providence Specialist Hospital Achimota:

This facility was established in 2013 as Ghana’s first private cardiothoracic surgery center. This was done under the guidance of the renowned Prof Frimpong Boateng. Since then, it has grown in great strides and is currently poised to carry out services and procedures that required traveling abroad to facilitate. In fact, the past eight years have seen their teams being the first to carry out procedures that were hitherto impossible here.
  Notable specialist services carried out there include cardiothoracic procedures, hepatopancreatobilliary interventions, and nephrology. Their website is currently being renovated but you can find all the needed information on their Facebook page.

Akai House Clinic Cantonments:

This facility is perhaps better known for its world-class diagnostics services under its sub-brand- Akai Labs. Make no mistake though Akai House clinic offers multiple services of identical standards. This is evident in its visa diagnostic partnership with a handful of prime countries. These are the U.S.A, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Belgium. Specialists services offered include Orthopedics, Endocrinology, Urology, and Psychiatry. They are also a top-level vaccination center. They have one of the most comprehensive websites and also moderate an active Facebook page with equally detailed information.  

Finney Hospital and Fertility Centre; McCarthy Hill:

This hospital sits majestically on a hill and offers services that indeed fit its grandness. This facility was established a decade ago in the rapidly expanding Weija-Kasoa community. This is unlike most of the other multi-specialty hospitals that are concentrated in historically renowned areas. This move thus gave it a premium position as the largest private hospital serving several thousand. It also distinguished itself as a facility that emphasizes maternal care and reproductive issues. This is why most of its specialist services are centered on gynecology and its fertility center is the most popular. They have a detailed website and are active on Facebook.

The Bank Hospital Cantonments:

This is also called the Bank of Ghana hospital. Technically it is supposed to fall under the umbrella of a public hospital as the government has a stake in it. Like the abovementioned, The Trust Hospital, The Bank of Ghana defines it as a private medical facility. They are the major stakeholders and facilitators of the project. This hospital is the most recent on this list and is actually still undergoing construction.
  Currently, in terms of size and facilities, it stands heads and shoulders above the rest. It is also set to dominate the sub-regional medical landscape for years. The facility is not open to the public but is serving in the management of COVID-19 cases. Expectations are that full operations will commence this year.  

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