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Hi, I am Joanna is a lifestyle and healthcare blog site founded by Jostylin, a Youtuber who is a beauty and hairstyling enthusiast. aims to improve the lives of the fine ladies of Africa. Our site contains plenty of useful blogs about DIY recipes, product reviews, research, and observations that will guide and help you achieve a healthy life full of beauties.

Our site mainly focuses on growing, styling and maintaining afro hair for ladies as it’s JoStylin’s specialty. Besides that, we are hoping to share our knowledge and experiences about beauty and healthcare with you. We know the African continent is blessed with endless natural beauty, but natural resources are pillaged and exported for goods; and we will guide you to utilize vast resources that still remain. We are here to help you with everything at our disposal.

My Mission’s primary goal is to improve the everyday life of its visitors. We have been, and we will be creating plenty of variable content to help you. Our site provides useful hair, travel and lifestyle tips. We also have product reviews and comparisons that will benefit you in many ways, essential articles about business life and entrepreneurship, which could be the key to your future. We are also sharing the related info and visuals in our blogs that you require to be fully informed about the present subject.

We aim to help African society create their cosmetic products, start their enterprise, be informed about their lives, and make it better. To serve our noble cause, our writers and contributors share their knowledge and do research all around the globe. They carefully determine the best content to present for our visitors.